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New Video Marketing Tool

Ranking on YouTube is hard enough and competition can be brutal. This is why we invest in the best money can by when both saving time and money in getting our videos ranked on the first page of YouTube. Just watch the video below for an overview of this new software tool we have recently purchased to get our videos, and our clients’ videos, ranked to the top search results in YouTube and Google.



To shoot videos today, we either use an digital SLR (single lenses reflex) camera on a tripod, or an 6 or greater iPhone. We find that the iPhone is ideal when needing the versatility it offers if wanting to post quick video blogs. The quality of the shots can also be easily enhanced by using clip-on lenses. We also use a pole with a stabilizer for more complicated shots, or to add movement, which makes the shot more interesting, we think.

Here’s a great video to watch which summarizes some of our techniques:



KumbaCam 3-axis Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

Al (our illustrious President) discovered the Kumbacam because he was shooting video using his iPhone for his friend and customer, Farmer Scott Grimm of New Leaf Farms (www.newleaffarms.com) and found the videos to be shaky. YouTube has stabilization software which he used to try and fix the problem, but check out the video made using it:

(No, that background was not moving when he took this video.)

That’s when Al decided to find the best way to stabilize his video, and on his quest discovered the KumbaCam. With it, anyone is now able to get high-quality, stabilized amazing footage. It will keep your smartphone level as well as isolate it from hand shake. The Stabilizer works extremely well; whether your running through the woods, leaping up stairs, walking through a house, or standing still; you’ll be amazed at the difference in quality you can get when using this stabilizer. (See an example of Al using this tool here.)

The unit’s clamp holds most android and iPhone smartphones currently on the market. It works with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (even with a pelican case!). Included is a weight that can be screwed onto the side of the gimbal acts as a counter-weight for heavier devices, such as the iPhone Plus.

If you have an iPhone and want amazing footage, we highly recommend you purchase the KumbaCam. Below are links to the stabilizer along with the accessories we recommend.

  1. KumbaCam Smartphone 3-Axis SmartPhone Stabilizer
  2. Extended Longer-Life Batteries
  3. Extended Battery Charger
  4. Or SmartPhone Stabilizer Battery Extension Kit
  5. Stabilizer Handle Extension (needed for the extended-life batteries)
  6. Selfie-Stick with Bluetooth Remote (Sorry Michelle- this one is better because it comes with a remote built-in to the stick)

 Watch these useful videos

Here are some useful links that helped us get better at what we do in producing videos for the web at Click IT:

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We use a variety of software to make our videos, namely iMovie, Snagit (for screen captures), Adobe Premier and Camtasia Studio.

We also have some unique technology we implement which allows us to provide the ability to call a phone number or visit a website when clicking on the video when it is displayed on a smartphone. See Why Us.


We use https://www.temi.com/ to convert speech to text transcriptions.