Capozzi Design Group


Click IT was retained by Capozzi Design Group to fix and then improve and enhance their web presence. One step in this process was to improve and fix the problems with their website This was handled by Click IT Website Design and much has been accomplished on a fixed budget. It was decided to start to use video to help enhance their website presence and increase exposure by providing educational videos.

Owner and Kitchen Designer, Ruthann Capozzi, is interviewed by Albe Harlow in this series of videos, which answer questions such as “What is a new kitchen going to cost?”, “How does one stay within a budget when building a new kitchen?”, “How is technology changing the kitchen work-triangle?”, “What are the most common questions asked Capozzi Desgn?”, “Is the kitchen work triangle a myth?”, “What if you know exactly what you want in a kitchen?”, How do you understanding Kitchen Design so well?”, “Where to start with your renovation?”, and more…


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March 19, 2016